Blaire and Sky

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Blaire and Sky

For Blaire and Sky it was another ordinary day, they had skipped off school earlier and went to Blaire's place before her parents got home. Blaire can still remember the /first-time/">first time she saw Sky, she was absolutely stunned by her beauty, and she had soft brown hair, a petite frame, much like her own, and deep green eyes. She couldn't even speak; she was too caught up in her eyes. She just kept nodding her head Then Sky shyly said ”Ill come by on Thursday, where do you live?” Blaire Stammering now said ”Oh, yea I live on third and birch, number 12.” Sky then walked away smiling to herself.

It had seemed that Sky asked her to torture her in Math, she would come by almost every weekend when Blaire's parents weren't home, it didn't take too long until the girls became great friends. As Blaire unlocked the door to her parent's home she saw a note on the table that said ”Gone to Florida, be back next weekend” Blaire turned towards her beautiful friend and said. ”Well, looks like we have the house to our selves this weekend.” Sky walked up behind her and she whispered in her ear ”Mmmm, that's great Hun.” Blaire froze where she stood as Sky trailed her hands up and down her free porn movies download sides. Blaire was in shock as Sky then whispered in her ear ”You know how long I”ve wanted this?” Blaire turned around suddenly and said ”Just as long as I have, I hope.” They locked eyes and kissed for the first time. It was the most amazing experience they both have ever had.

Blaire pinned her petite friend up against the wall, their tongues caressed each others, and Sky felt the smooth, cold ball of Blaire's piercings rub the roof of her mouth, she moaned as she wrapped her fine, delicate fingers in her friend's luscious brown hair. Blaire suddenly stopped and looked into Sky's deep green eyes and said, almost giggling. ”You forgot to close the door.” ”Oh my, we wouldn't want a crowd gathering now would we.” Sky said as she gently pushed the door closed with her foot. ”Now, let's go somewhere more... appropriate.”Said Blaire with a wink. Sky followed her friend up into her bedroom, when they met they kissed again, just as passionate as the first time. Sky sat on top of her friend, straddling her waist as she pushed her onto her bed. ”I”ve never done this with a girl before, I'm nervous....” ”Don't worry Blaire; I'll take care of you.” Sky leant over Blaire's body and started to place small kisses down her neck, slowly moving downward, sucking gently on her collar bone, which made Blaire moan, which made Sky smile. She continued downward and lifted her and Blaire's shirt over their heads, and continued to kiss down her stomach, moving her hands full hd xvideo download along her side making Blaire shiver in delight.

Blaire's moans were coming freely out of her mouth, Sky reached around her back to unclasp her bra and Blaire did the same, unleashing her C breast, Sky was mesmerized by them and as she kissed her way back up Blaire's stomach to her breast, she latched her mouth around her left nipple, making it go hard in her mouth. She sucked and gently bit it, then doing the same with the other one. A hand slipped into Blaire's pants rubbing her wet spot and then coming back out to undo her pants. Sky got off Blaire and started to do a /trip/sexy-trip/sexy-strip-tease/">sexy strip tease in front of her, Slowly bending over and revealing her shaven pussy lips to Blaire, making her wet.

When she was completely naked she roughly tore off Blaire's pants and /thong/">thong, and lay down on top of her again. Their naked bodies fitting together almost perfectly, Sky made her way down to Blaire's pussy, very slowly teasing her, kissing all the way down her stomach and down to Blaire's shaven pussy, her breathing became more erratic and came out in short berths. Sky licked all the way up Blaire's soaking wet slit to her delicious mound, making Blaire quiver underneath her. She began slowly, teasing her clit, sucking it, flicking it with her tongue, and then she plunged two fingers into Blaire's soaking depths, making Blaire jerk forward, as she pumped in and out of her Sky simultaneously began licking and sucking her clit. Blaire's body was quivering, shaking from the pleasure, she moans filled the room and as they got louder and louder. ”Ohmygod.....UhhhhGod! Uhhhh Fuck Me! Uhhhh I'm gunna cum! ” Sky continued faster and faster until Blaire's voice shattered into silent pleasure, her hips jerked towards Sky's mouth and she held her head in place their, sucking her clit and she came, her delicious cum filled Sky's mouth.

As her orgasm rolled over body Sky leapt up all of juices, making sure to leave nothing behind. Sky and Blaire lay their silent for a few moments, and then Blaire turned to Sky, looked into her beautiful eyes and said. ”That was amazing.” Sky leaned into her friend's body and they both fell asleep in each others arms, naked. Sky was awakened later that night with Blaire between her legs, they fucked all night.