Patas revenge 4 The rest

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Patas revenge 4 The rest

After all Pata was satisfied that James was clean, and Jadday was satisfied that Jack was clean, the five of them headded to the locker room to get dressed. On the way back, Jadday asked Pata if she could torture Eddie's mind a little too, and Pata just shrugged her shoulders and nodded. When they got to the dressing area, Jadday called for Eddie to sit next to him, and told the guys to wait before they got dressed. When Eddie sat next to her, she had him straddle the wooden bench and face her. I just want to have a short conversation.

Jadday: Eddie, tell me why all of this is happening to you?
Eddie: (Starting to blush) You know why.
J: I do know why, I just want to hear you say it again.
E: I have to do anything Pata and her friends say because I cheated, and had sex with my secretary.
J: Did she give you head, and swallow your cum?
E: (Turning more red) Yes.
J: Do you think that might be the reason we make you suck cocks and swallow?
E: Probably.
J: Do you think you deserve having to do that?
E: (Bright red) Yes.
J: When you would , did you let her go home and get cleaned up?
E: No. She had work to do.
J: Do you think that might be the reason you have been made to clean out sperm from pussies from time to time?
E: Yes
J: Do you think you deserve having to do that?
E: (Eyes getting wet) Yes.
J: Did you fuck your secretary in the ass?
E: Yes.
J: Do you think that might be the reason you have had to have in your ass?
E: Yes
J: Do you think you deserve having to do that?
E: (Tears starting to fall) Yes.
J: Did you spank your secretary's ass when she did something wrong around the office. (It was a guess)
E: How the hel.........Yes.
J: Don't you think thats the reason we spank and abuse your ass like we do?
E: (Clearly broken) Yes
J Do you think you deserve that being done to you?
E: Yes
J: You humiliated you wife by having her office staff find out that you were fucking someone else. So she is fucking someone in front of you. Is that fair?
E: Yes.
J: The only question that I don't know the answer to, is what kind of dirt does Pata have on you to make you comply with everything. It has to be big. What is it?
E: Jaday's father is the owner of the place where I work. If we ever got divorced, I would be destitute, and blackballed. I would lose everything and have no hope of getting anywhere. Ever.
J: (giggling) This is wonderful. Can I change the rules on your punishment if I wanted to? Please tell me I can?
E: (Big sigh) Yes.
J: (Openly slaughing) Okay. Look what this toy can do. I just push this little button, and the four inch dildo pops off the handle. Now I can put on the six inch one. I don't think the two extra inches is going to be a problem. Do you Eddie?
E: I"m not sure I can do that...............
J: Trust me, you will find a way. And another thing, I think we should skip the number 7. Is that okay with you?
E: Thats not fair.
J: I know. But you are going to skip it anyway. And just because you had a fit about it, you get to skip all odd numbers. Is that unfair too. Because if it is, I have an eight inch atachment.............
E: No No No.....Thats fair.
J: Okay. In your mind, you deserved to be humiliated, ass whipped, suck your wifes lovers and friends, and eat cum when Pata or any of her friends demand it. And the next punishment is 8 strokes in your little ass, in 8 seconds. Right?
E: Yes
J: Before anyone gets dressed, You are going to swallow all the cum from Jack and James.
E: (totally defeated) Okay.
J: I'm going to give you a choice though, you can give the guys a blowjob, and Pata and I will just watch. And take pictures.
(Jacks opes burst open at the pictures comment)
J: Or the guys can fuck us silly and you can eat their cum from out pussies. At least that way you can taste a little girl cream too.
It didn't take Eddie long to make his choice.
E: I'll take the second option.
J: You better ask Pata if thats okay with her.
E: (Looking over his shoulder at Pata) Is that okay with you?
Pata: Is what okay with me? Spell it out.
E: Is it okay with you if I eat James cum out of your pussy after he fucks you?
Pata: And?
E: Is it okay if I eat Jacks cum out of Jaddays pussy after he fucks her?
Pata: You sure can honey.

After that Jadday stood up and walked over to where Pata and James were standing and led Pata to a short bench. Jadday then took Patas hands and guided them the the bench, bending her over and giving James the go ahead to get behind her. James was more than happy to put his hands on Patas hips, and slide his cock all the way into her with one slow long thrust. Jadday put a hand on his ass and told him to hold right there for just a second, and she went to the other end of the bench and bent over, holding hands with Pata. Jack didn't need to be told what to do, and held Jaddays hips the same way James held Pata, and pushed his cock all the way in to Jadday in one similar long slow thrust. When both ladies were streched as far as they could get, both men started thrusting in and out. Both men were pulling almost all the real forced anal against her will way out and slowly sliding in until their balls rested on their womens clit.

Jadday and Patta were only a few inches away from one another and both of them were close to cumming. Even with slow even strokes, the girls were having a hard time cathing their breath, and when Pata startted to cum, the moans and groans from her triggered Jaddays release, and soon the ladies were kissing deeply as thier pussies were steadily filled from behind. After the girls had cum, both guys started to pick up the pace, thier balls making a slapping sound when it his their girls soaking wet clits. Jadday and Pata were almost screaming into each others mouths as their tongues danced together and with their finger interlaced with each other, still holding hands. Faster and faster the guys drilled into the girls, making them cum over and over. The girls lost count of their orgasms, and when one guy started to cum, it was almost like they were connected throught the woman, and the other started to erupt as well. Eddie was mesmerized by the whole scene, and he was hard as a diamond. It seemed like the guys were cumming forever, pumping gallons of cum deep in their pussies. Before the guys could pull out, Jadday called Eddie over and had him sit with his back to the bench and lean back so his head rested on the bench right where the ladies were holding hands moments before. With both cocks still in place, the men started pushing their girls forward and together. Still kissing, first their breasts touched, and then when it became impoosibe to stay in, the men withdrew and pushe thier pussies together. Right over Eddies upturned mouth. The amount of cum that spilled from each each girl was immense, but together it was almost obscene. Eddie was swallowing mouthful after mouthful and just could not keep up.

After the initial flow, the ladies legs were getting tired and both their pussies were mashed on Eddies face, and rubbed back and forth. Eddie was smeared in girl cream and the mens cum from the top of his head to the bootom of his chin. Both girls were cumming over and over while they were crushing their breasts together in theie embrace. Slowly they started to come down, and climbed off Eddie. He was a mess, but the were happy. Pata looked at Jadday and asked if they could do that again, and both of them got an evil little grin and looked at Eddie.

Both women grabbed Eddie and layed him flat on the bench. Pata handed him the six inch dildo, and Jadday handed him the lube. 8 stokes in 8 seconds, be sure to use enough lube, but not too much, it would be if you ran out before the day was over. It took Eddie awhile to get it all the way in, but he managed. His first atttemp, Eddie only got four strokes in the time allowed, and on the second and third attemps, he got in six strokes. On the fourth attempt, Eddie pulled up his knees, grabbled the handle with both hands and pistoned the dildo in and out of his ass as fast as he could. Jadday and Pata were amazed that he did eight full strokes in just over five seconds. Eddie got up and kind of hobbled to the sink, and started to wash his face, and the toy. When he started to get dressed, Jadday asked him what he was doing. That he agreed to eat ALL the cum thee guys had. It was time for round number two. Eddie looked at the two guys and said that they not even hard, how can they do another round. Pata and Jadday giggled at each other and said they needed a fluffer, and when Eddie got a confused look on his face, Jadday explained that in , they had someone off camera that sucked xnxxv sunny leone video the guys dicks to either keep them hard or get them hard again. Pata looked at Eddie, and while using a sing song voice and batting her eyes, she asked Eddie to please suck the guys hard so theu could get a second helping of real mans cock.

 Eddie complied as sson as the words were spoken, and was on his knees in from of James and Jack. Even soft, if was a tight fit in his mouth. The woman were wacthing and laughing as Eddie struggled to get the men hard again. With a cock in each hand, and his mouth going back and forth between the two cocks, he didn't even notice that Jadday had taken her camera out and was snapping picture after picture. It was taking longer than it should have because the girls fits of laughter had started the guys laughing as well. Eddie kind of lost himself in the moment and just started sucking the guys deeper and deeper without really being aware of what he was doing. The tasted of pre-cum brought him back, and he realized he was deep throating both rock hard cocks. The girls gor back into posotion on the bench and started kissing before the guys even got to them. Pata broke the kiss and took Jaddays hands into her own, and asked if she could have Jack this time. Jadday just smiled and moaned, of course you can. I wanted to try James myself.

Eddie sat against the wall, knowing what was on the way. Watching his own cock betray him once again.