Learning About The Other Boys 3

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Learning About The Other Boys 3

Morning came and I awoke with the sounds of the boys in my dorm moving off to breakfast. It was the last day of our camp and nearing was the time to head back to the college but I still couldn't think of anything other than the sex Tim and I had shared last night. 

'Are you two coming to breakfast?'

I realised that the voice was directed toward Tim and I. He was in the bunk underneath me.

'Nah, I'm too tired.'

Tim's reply worked for me as all the noises of a busy dorm block ceased and everyone moved off to the hall for breakfast. I climed down the bunks and met Tim sitting up in his bed. He smiled and I moved closer to him and sat next to him. We exchanged a /kissing/soft-kiss/">soft kiss. The curtains were drawn on our dorm room so I continued to open my mouth, accepting Tim's probing tougne. I broke the kiss and wrapped my arms around his shirtless body. The feel of his skin on mine was amazing. We were both dressed only in boxer-shorts and he felt and looked so hot. 

'Fuck your tight little ass was nice last night Tim.'

'Yours wasn't too /bad/">bad either babe, but your best asset is around the other side.'

He turned onto me and started to kiss me once more. I wrapped my arms around his lower back and then slid my right hand under his shorts, feeling his /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass. I was so turned on that I thought about fucking him right there but, I knew it was too risky. Suddenly, I remembered the whole of yesterday and I had to tell him what I saw.

'I came up here during the challenges yesterday to get a drink and I saw something awesome.'

'What was it?'

'I could hear moaning coming from the other side of the wall so I went to check what it was.'

'Was it someone jacking off?'
Tim asked

'Nah man, better. Luke was getting sucked off by Tommo!'

'No kidding? Are you for real?'
Tim queried

I told him straight
'I saw it through the door. It was so hot. Luke sucked on Tom's seven-incher too like a pro! Then Luke broke in Tom’s hot ass and I could tell it was Tom’s first ever fuck. Luke looked a bit more experienced though.’

’What, at sucking cock?’

I answered

’He fucked Tommo hard too. He went for ages until he blew his huge load in him. You believe me don’t you?’
I asked

’Yes, I always thought those too were closer that just friends. Shit I wish I saw them though. Tom has the nicest, firm little ass and Luke is a stud.’

’True, it was awesome but watching them was nothing on having you.’

Tim and I kissed again before getting dressed and packing to leave. Everyone came back to the dorms and we all then headed to the hall for elections. I was late and had to use the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Once in the shower shed I noticed Sam and Andrew, two friends of mine, in there also. Sam and I talked for a while whilst Andrew showered. He came out with only a towel around him. He was a short, /blonde/blonde-boy/">blonde boy with a well developed body. His strong pecs and shoulders captured my attention. He pulled on a pair of board shorts over his /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass. Out of the corner of my eye I realized Sam was staring at him too!
I turned around to continue washing my face. I bent over to grab some soap from by bag when I felt something rub against my ass. It was Sam! He tried to do it with out me noticing and I played dumb. His hand was resting against his leg as he continued to rub against me. He stopped and I stood up.
I had always liked Sam and his ass was often inviting to me. I would often rub-up against him in classes and when playing footy and he always seemed a little inquisitive about it. After all, I never was very discrete about it. As I packed my brush and soap into by bag and headed out I saw Andrew leaning over the sink and Sam closely behind him. I thought about how nice it would be to see those two hotties fuck. I left the shed.
On the way home on the bus, Sam surprised me by sitting next to me. He also sat next to me during lunch back at the college. We all had to change into our uniforms for elections of captains and so, I headed out to the dressing sheds near the gym. 

’Hey wait up,’
Sam called from behind

’wanna come up to my dorm to get changed? It’d be better than having to use the dirty toilets in the gym.’

He was right. I gladly accepted his invitation and wondered if there might be a little more behind his offer, rather than just being friendly.
We entered his single dorm. Being a senior now, Sam had a room to himself. To my /surprise/">surprise it was quite large. I walked over to the corner of the room and started getting changed. I had just put on my pants when Sam said something to me. 

’What did you say?’
I asked

’Can you get my shoes out from under my bed, they’re a fair ways under.’

I got down and climbed under his bed. The cool sheets hanging over its edge brushed my naked back. I reached under but could not grab them. I scanned the floor for them only to see I pile of magazines. I climbed further under to reach them and as I backed out, I noticed a hot young stud naked on the front of the top magazine. They were all gay pornos! I flicked open the second page and viewed two teens in a sixty-nine position. All of a sudden I milf porn videos felt something brush against my ass and again, it was Sam.

’Like what you see?’

I slid out from under the bed and stood up. Sam immediately wrapped his arms around me and I could feel his shirtless body touch mine. He kissed my neck. He allowed me to turn around and kiss him back. He was quick in using his tongue and it tasted so /sweet/">sweet. I ventured my hands down to his ass and started to pull his pants down. I had wanted Sam since we left camp and I was incredibly excited. He stepped out from his pants and then I took down his underwear. We continued kissing until he pushed me onto the bed. I got a perfect view of his defined muscles. He was a wirey quick football played and his athletic body showed this. He had a lightly tanned body and the sexiest curves but, it was his clear six-pac that grabbed my attention. The dark blonde-haired stud leaned into me with his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock against my leg. He began kissing my tanned, upper body muscles and then moved down to take of my blowjob porn videos pants. He took my briefs down with them and then started to take my cock inside his mouth. He straight away took all my inches into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. It felt so unbelievably good.

’mmmm Sam’

He motioned up and down on my cock with his head tilted upward. His blue eyes watched my facial expressions. He read me like a book and sent me over the edge.

’oohhh that’s good Sam’

Sam kept sucking me off. His sexy face looked so nice taking my cock. I started rubbing his back and shoulders and felt his sharp muscles. I was in absolute /ecstasy/">ecstasy as he continued sucking me for minutes. 

’oohhh fuck Sam, I’m gonna cum’

He kept sucking me, taking my cock deep down his throat. He pleasured me so well.
I started to fill his mouth with cum. I shot load after load down his throat until he stopped sucking and swallowed it all.
Sam moved up and sat on my lap and commenced kissing me before I rolled him over and made my way down his tight body. I licked his nipples and made him moan before trailing my tongue across his abs. I came to his cock and licked its swollen head. It wasn’t until then that I noticed how big it was. I licked up and down his seven inch shaft, making him groan. I then sucked the head again before taking it into completely into my mouth. Deeper and deeper, I took Sam’s tool in my mouth. I could not quite fit it all in my mouth but I did my best. Sam was so relaxed, just enjoying the ride. I kept sucking his long rod, enjoying its sweet taste and aroma. 

’mmm yeah Jas, mmm’

I suddenly tasted his sweet, warm cum on my tongue. I continued sucking him until I felt him shoot in my mouth. He was cumming. I moved off his dick and he started to shoot spunk all over his abs. They were drenched in fluids and looked so sexy, straining at the feeling of orgasm. I sucked his cock dry and then, with slow strokes, licked his cum off his six-pac. It was the best feeling and he tasted so good. I could not believe I was licking cum of this stud’s abs. I dragged myself up to him and kissed him.

’mmm, you’re still hard babe, I want you up me’

I was so turned on that my cock was again at full attention. We stood up and he bent over the bed. I slowly entered his asshole. His /cute/">cute, /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass was the perfect fit and he was so warm inside. I started to motion back and forth inside him and worked his hot ass. We were both breathing heavily and sweating. His skin felt so smooth as I licked his back and neck. I worked him slowly now.

’I want to fuck you Jas’

’Well go ahead’

I pulled out of him and he now lent me over the bed with all my weight on my hands. He slammed his cock in me.

’ohhhhhhh mmm, yes’

He immediately started thrashing my asshole, breathing heavier than ever now. I was enjoying his long tool so much. 

’Fuck me, yeah, fuck me, harder’

He began fucking me so hard that his balls were slapping mine. 

’Don’t stop babe, fuck me’

’Ohh I’m cumming’

He shot another load of spunk in my ass. His thrusts slowed and he pulled out. He shot on my lower back and ass then licked it off. Standing, he spoke softly.

’Your turn again Jaso, do me, /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass’

I swung him around and entered his ass. Once completely inside him again, I leant down over his sweating smooth body. He was standing with he hands taking his weight over the bed and I mirrored his shape, touching every part of his back with my body. I put my hands onto his and we linked fingers. Kissing his neck, he lifted up his head and I then licked his jawline. I humped smoothly while he panted loudly. He would groan when I kissed his neck.

’Yeah, yeah, yeah, mmmm, yeah, yeah’

With every breath he sighed ’yeah’ as I fucked his /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole. I started to fuck him harder, entering him completely. 

’You’re so good Jas, oh yeah, slam me’

’ohh take it babe, take it hard’

I released the grip from his hands and whilst holding his sides, fucked him as hard as I could. Our balls were slapping and we were both so sweaty. His ass and body glistened with wetness. He arched his back and my hips started slapping his ass. 

’Take me Jas, oh yes, fuck me, fill my insides, I want it all in me’

I could hold it no longer. I shot my cum inside him whilst groaning.

’ohhh yeah you are tight, mmm, take my cum’

I pulled out and he turned around and took my wet, cumming cock into his mouth. He stood up and kissed me and we then laid on his bed sharing juices. 

’We might wanna get to the hall for elections.’

’Yeah, I’m supposed to help out Andrew.’
He said

’Whats with you two, are yous like, ’.fucking or something?’

’Yeah, that’s about it.’
He replied

We dressed and headed to the hall sweaty and feeling enriched with each other’s spunk. He grabbed my ass before we entered and I said to him:

’I’ll never forget today, the day I fucked the captain’s secret boyfriend.’