Temple of Dreams

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Temple of Dreams

Part 1

Cecilia held Mariannes breast in her hands like a freshly picked mango. She smiled lovingly as she looked into her friends eye, her eyebrows slightly raised. Her mammary glands were small for Cecis hands, before she let her bra down. Then her fruit completed the length of of fingers down into the womans palms. Maryanne slowly went from standing to a slight crouched love position, her eyes followed her, as she felt her lovers legs. This was when the hardening of her nipples was past the soft skin of Cecilia Hardings approval, forming a direct connection down to Crotchville.

Ceci was ripe woman, wearing red lipstick that showed off her white full smile. She blushed, her lovers largescale touching of fingers took place in warm pussytown; Resulting the holding of her breasts with slender fingers, , Maryanne looked down at her, her legs slight raised, full breasts out for her female lover to harvest, but not until her visit to pussytown was complete.

New lovers entered the scene, familiar ones, with names like, Dave smith, Robert Juliano, and John Ohenry. They had all fucked before, at least three times, But never had they seen such Bountiful breasts, as the ones on these two /women/">women, not to mention the crotches with pussy in them, and with the presence of these new crotches in the room, the pussies grew more moist and hunry for the manmeat.

The women quickly rose, flailing arms off of her other suddenly, and took a seat on the sofa across across the opposite wall the men entered. The guys staredly fixingly on the womens tits, stopping only ocassionaly to look down at their hairy crotches wet with morning dew. Until two of them looked at their hands, when:

John said, "Whatre you girls up to?"

Marianne giggled, and slowly moved the backside up her /girlfriend/">girlfriends torso, and side, up to her breast teasingly, and touched her nipple, She swatted it away, until she saw the mens cocks hardening in their trousers and smiled. Ceci turned to her and planted a kiss on her forehead, The venetian window blinds, show line thoroughly onto the women and the expensive sofa.

The guys each took measures to fulfill their stay in this room. John sat down on the part of the couch nearest him, in an awkward position, while Robert sat down more near the table, and poured a glass of wine. Dave approached the girls directly, and asked them if theyd wanted a drink. The girls were now more shy, and held each other in their arms, fingertips running gently across their skin, grasping each others side. Johns gesture went a long way;

Cecilia said, "Sure, it would be dishonorable to refuse a gentlemen like yourself, John." in a curious tone.

He popped out 3 glasses and poured them like a professional... Meanwhile, Dave took exculsive notice of the girls movements, particularly noticing Mariannes full figure. The other guy, leaned back in his seat, slowly exposing the hardening crease in his pants. After all of this, he picked up his glass and downed it all in one drink, tilting his head back slowly for a bit, then swallowing.

Marianne giggled again and picked up her glass, She looked up at at Roberts face, he was very handsome, Tanned just enough, muscular, not to mention extremly well dressed. He contemplated; Hmm, I bet she was impressed by my good taste, or she is just going to be nice enough to accept our offer...either way, she is really turning me on.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?", Cecilia questioned in a sexy voice. After she noticed Dave look away from her, when she looked at his bluish green eyes. Then he heard her comment and got excited and kept a healthy stare, looking up at the beautiful young lady. The other guys exchanged smirks, and then glances with the giddy woman. These three drank a small bit of wine and looked at the future seriously, anticipating any ones next moves. Cecy rose and swayyed over next to Davys seat;

"Hi.", Davery said. Ceci put her arm around his neck and gazed into his eyes, and he sat calmly, He was now looking at her full lips, moving between each other, somehow had reminded him of the waves of the ocean melting on a bonfire, on a white sandy beach, during sunrise. Dave could resist no longer and put his head up to hers and rubbed his lips in the waves of her energy.

The other two men lost interest in the wine instantly, John took seat next to Mariannes slender figure and shadows from the shades. Marianne looked superstitously at John and smiled at robert. Rob responded by winking back at her. They both almost simultaneously got extremly close to her, but were comfortable among the form of the pale womans soft skin. While both men paid very close attention to detail on both bottom and top aspects of the nubile womans body, She saw through them both to her dearest friend, making out, and getting her breast felt by the cup of Daves hand. She pushed back John and moved dave aside suddenly.

Part 2

Cecilia had drawn Maryanne by her arm and took her out the front door. They both lived in a small Middle class villa community. Cecillas house was just a few street blocks away and they both left to there while under emotional turmoil. Mary followed her closest friend at a steady pace, and somehow they both were only noticed by one person, an elderly garderner. Once they arrived, Ceci paced into her bedroom and threw on some clothes quickly, Maryanne stood in the hallway watching, questioning her feelings toward Ceci...But she paid little attention to her, almost never acknowledging her presence.

"Where are you heading off to in such a hurry?" the confused woman demanded to know..."Im going to the park to meet a friend." She said. She left almost immediately and followed the longer path to the park. Her friend followed another path around from the back side of the house, through the meadow, to meet her, wearing her new summer dress she found her lover had purchased for her. Eventually they both meet up at a parkbench, Marianna sees her throwing bread crumbs to birds, while sitting on a concrete park bench. "So, porn videos download wheres your friend?", she asked. "He left already." Cecilia said sullenly. "Well, what did you two talk about?" She refused to respond, and left, barely letting her lover follow her.

When the ladies returned, the both lay out on Cecilias freshly made bed, Mary prepared a little late night snack for her, But Cecy barely nibbled on it. They woke up to the sunrise coming in through the windowblinds. Cecilia had tried to put her arm around Mary a few times during the night, but she was pushed aside... The girl was woke up with the lifting of the bedsheets, from her lover raising up to Yawn. She watched her friend w/ a fresh set of eyes, and set aside her worries for the morning, pulled mary to her head, which turned to kiss her on the lips.

The red lips w/ smooth teeth sucked on tongue, which went deep down her eagerly waiting throat, anticipating a gasp;But a soft bite was returned. The girls now stood on their knees, conjoined by tongues swirling into feelings xxx on their flesh, which were in turn, repaid by moist breaths, that excited their pussies. Then they exchanged even more daring glances. Mary pressed her thumb into Cecis cheek slowly pulling her head away as she suctioned on the tongue sliding out of her mouth; Smmmoooooch! Both their pussies were wet now, And Mary pushed her long forefinger up into her womans slippery crotchflesh.

"MmmmmmmmH!" She moaned. As Mary fingered her pussyflesh, bending her knuckles forefinger and middlefinger inside pussytown. "Feels great..." she stated. After a bit, dreamy looking girl laid back on her bead, and then a little bit later, started to arch her back. She bent the cartilage in her back, and they both knew she was about to orgasm. "Mmmmm, Thats feels so good..." The Jilling off was now more of a jerking motion, They danced hand and cunt. Her Body rode the fingers as they pushed deeper and deeper inside, the passion in her lions, like the fire in the sky, now swirled in all type of directions , like the other womans fingers motions imitated. She reached up to grab the teddy bear, and had one of the biggest orgasms of her life. The room now surrounded them like a temple as they collapsed into each others arms.

Part 3 J

ohn and Dave now enter the room, "What the fuck are you doing here!" Ceci accused. Then both men stepped back, as

if politely showing they were going to leave. Then maryanne asked "Whatre you doing?"

To be continued...