Sooby meets her first white man

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Sooby meets her first white man

After John had fucked his first dark skin woman, he couldn’t get them out of his brain!! It had been in the Navy and he was on liberty in the Windward Islands. One night a bunch of older salts (sailors) took him to a local whorehouse! Since he was a virgin the ladies at the house picked straws to take his cheery for free,. It turned out the winner was a young island girl of 17! He spent almost off his money on booze for the rest of the guys that night 2 hours later when he came back to the bar with a big shit eating grin on his face! He had 2 hours of non-stop sex and she made him cum at least 3 times! He was a little scared and a little excited about it all. He was excited about getting laid, and a little scared about a young black woman taking his virginity! He had heard they were crazy in be and could actually hurt a man when they went nuts cumming and cumming! 

But, this girl was young, very young and extremely pretty with a fantastic ass and a great set of tits! The guys told him: ’She was made for fucking so go do her right!’ He did and, she did him good too! It seemed that once she got him going, he couldn’t stop! Every port his ship stopped in over the four-month cruise, he would look for dark skin women and pay to fuck them. It didn’t matter if they were Asian, Italians, Spanish, or South Americans, whatever, as long as they had darker skin than he did, he would be happy to pay the price! Once he had two of them. One fucked him until he shot his load deep inside her and then the other girl sucked him until he shot his load, twice in 45 minutes! He loved dark skin women! However over the 8 years he had been out of the service, he had not had the chance to meet a beautiful dark skin woman unless he paid for it. The ones he was interested in were always to nasty with big attitudes, or they were too involved with someone else at the time, or they had no interest in him! 

When he went out of town on business he the wwwxxx would from time to time, pay for one to come to his room. He told the contact that they had to suck his cock and then fuck him anyway he wanted, and they had to be special! He wanted them young no one over 25 and he wanted them pretty! If he was going to pay for it, he was going to have the one he wanted and do with her what he wanted! Only an expensive call girl would do that! But he loved them so much, he didn’t care and would spend $4-500 or more a night for them! It was fun and he got his rocks off a few times! But, what he really wanted was a longer-term relationship! A relationship, where John could live with her and love her and treat her with respect and of course fuck her whenever he anted it! He especially wanted to have sex with her for more than one day or night! He loved fucking women of all color oriental, black, brown or red!! Seeing his wwwxxx thick white cock going in and out of a dark skin woman’s pussy was something special and made him especially hot and the sex so much better!! He would fuck her like an animal! He would fuck her until his white cum was pumped into her pussy and then he would kiss and lick around her cunt so he could watch it run out over her dark skin! God that was so fucking sexy! His cock hurt sometimes just thinking about it! 

He was nice looking, 6’1’ with brown hair and eyes. He worked out a lot and had a nice hard athletic body! He had a great job and made lots of money! He dated a great deal of women and had scored with most of them. But, he didn’t have much long-lasting success with dark skin women! He had learned over the years, that most of them loved to have their pussies licked and sucked. They really craved for it! He was told by a few of the ladies he had dated that they hardly ever had their pussy eaten regularly by their men! So if you could eat pussy, you had a chance to do it with them. And, later you would have a great fuck and score with them!

When Sooby showed up at one of the local Association meetings he belonged too, he was full of lust for her immediately! She was very beautiful! She was dark skinned with a lot of oriental and Afro-American blood mixed in her! She had long straight coal black hair and beautiful smooth silky skin. Her eyes were brown but very bright and she had a beautiful smile with a heart shaped face that would make your heart stop when she smiled. Her body was spectacular! The thing he noticed right away was her height! She must have been 5’ 10’, almost as tall as he was! She had very long shapely legs that complemented and showed off her wonderful round firm ass. Her breasts were large, very large and he wondered if she had implants! The size of her breasts and shape of her body made her look like a Playboy model to him! He wanted her the first second he saw her. God she was beautiful and he had to say something to her! He was the first to introduce his self and welcomed her to the local organization. He could tell from their conversation that she was very well educated and very smart in her field of business, finance just like him! They sat together at dinner with about 6 other people that night. 

He learned she worked for a local power company in the city and would be attending the national association meeting in Florida in 2 months. He also learned that she did business with the same bank he did and he asked if she was going to their party? She told him she hadn’t heard about it and wasn’t invited! He told her he could get her an invitation if she wanted to go! She told him that would be very nice and that she would love to go. This big bank held the party each year for their customers who attended the Association’s function, and everyone who attended always had a great time. She had to promise him a dance or two if he could get her an invite! He was so excited because he knew he could get her in, as his date if need be! But, since she did business with them she would most likely get an invite anyway! She smiled and told him she was going to classes and tours the rest of that month and didn’t think she would be at the next meeting! They left after dinner and he walked her to her car, which was in the same parking lot as his car. 

They exchanged business cards and she thanked him, got into her car and drove home. He did the same. When he got in bed that night, he had to jerk off! He had a great orgasm and shot a huge load of cum out on the towel his nuts! After that evening, he didn’t see her, but he did call her to tell her he had gotten the invitation for her. It should arrive in the mail. He didn’t see her again until the night of the big party! She should receive it in the mail soon! During the national association meeting, John always went to this bank’s party! It was known as the best party out of the all the parties the banks gave. There were lots of dancing, great music, and plenty of food and drink. Everyone really got a chance to relax and enjoy the fun. Many people danced and partied until 2 or 3 AM, some even later! John got to the party around 8 PM and looked immediately for Sooby!! Here’s what happened!

John got a drink and saw a few of the same people he always saw at the party. He drank and danced for over an hour. He couldn’t locate Sooby anywhere and wondered if maybe she wasn’t coming. God he hoped she was coming! He was having a good time, but if Sooby showed up and they hit it off, he would have a great time! While he had been drinking quiet a lot, he had also danced a great deal and wasn’t drunk! It was 9:30 PM by the time she got there, and man did she look good!! She had on a dark red dress! And it was short and low cut showing her body off to everyone. John was thinking she would have looked good in a sack! Her long black hair hung over her shoulders and she was beautiful! 

She looked unbelievable all dressed up. Dress was casual, and many people wore jeans! But, some came from a semi-formal dinner before hand or some other place where you had to dress up! She was dressed very nice! He had to dance with her! The few drinks he had gave him courage to move in on the three guys she came in with. She was talking to the 3 men, he found out later one was her boss. She didn’t know who the other guys were but one was white and one was black. John was betting all three of them were just waiting for a chance to get her alone and hoping they would get lucky that night! But John was going to be the first guy to dance with her and they would see where if anywhere that would take them! He walked up to her and said: ’Sooby! I have been looking for you! We have a dance don’t we?’ 

She smiled and said: ’Yes John! Let’s do it!’ He took her hand and they walked to the dance floor. He told her how beautiful she looked and that he was hoping they could dance together all night! ’Remember you promised me 2 or 3 dances girl!’ She smiled at John and they started dancing! The music was loud and fast and she dance like she was with him and him alone. Her movements made John want her more! Anyone who could dance and move like she was moving, must be one hell of a fuck in bed!!! She danced swaying her hips and sometimes it looked like they were so close to each other their hips and bodies hit each other. They stayed out on the floor for a long time. She wasn’t trying to look that sexy, she just was that sexy! Her very long legs and great round ass made all guys standing around watching her! As she danced she put her hands over her had and swayed her hips making John very horny! But her /tits/big-tits/">big tits were the main attraction tonight! Her red low cut strapless dress showed her very deep cleavage! They had a great time for about ’ hour. 

The dance floor was crowded and finally the building turned on the air condition! It was cooling down the dance floor. The two of them danced to another song and then another and then another! She was getting warm when she danced, so they when for a drink. She began to get cool and her nipples looked like they could put your eyes out if you bumped into her going around the corner. John’s eyes were fixed on them when she took her hand and raised his head saying: ’Hey John, I have a face too baby!’ They both laughed and he pulled her to him. She pushed back a little and told him: ’Hey /boy/big-boy/">big boy! I thank you for getting me away from that wolf pack, but that doesn’t mean you can own me or can grab me and pull on me!’ John shook his head and said: ’Yea! You’re right Sooby! I have had too much to drink and I’m not thinking to clearly! Sorry, But Woman you look so dam good in that red dress! Good enough to eat!’ He smiled at her and she smiled back at him saying: ’You really think so John? Good enough to eat, really? Well!! Thank you thank you very much!’ A slow dance started, one of the few that night, and John put his drink down and didn’t give her a chance to say no! They went back out on the floor and he took her hand as they slowly moved together! He held her gentle in his arms as they moved very slowly to the music. 

The floor got really crowded and pushed them tighter together! His hand rested on the top of her ass and he held her very tight feeling her full breasts push against him! He started to get hard and was hoping she could feel him against her body! She didn’t stop him and she put her arm around his neck as she held his hand tight. Her first step was on his toe! She said: ’Oh my! Sorry John! I don’t slow dance very much! No one ever asks me!’ He looked her right in her beautiful face and told her: ’Well you should! Your man don’t know what he’s missing not holding you like this and feeling you with him.’ She told him: ’I don’t have a man! Not any more!’ He smiled and pulled her closer yet to him ! He inhaled her sent! Her perfume was there but not over powering! As he held her he said: ’You smell great! What’s that called?’ She smiled at then laughed saying: ’Its called climax!’ He laughed too! He was almost sure she was blushing a little. He said: ’Will I like the name. I like it a lot! Did I tell you how great you look tonight? Let me tell you one more time!’ She smiled at him and she let him pull her to him until there was no light was between them. He felt her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts pressing harder against him and as they dance her knee would move between his legs once in a while! He arm was around her waist and hand was resting just a little lower on her ass! Sooby’s ass stuck out, making her long legs look even better. John was feeling dangerous and let his hand slide another inch or two down over her roundness. She didn’t stop him but whispered: ’That’s far enough!! Don’t move it any lower John! OK?’ It was still far enough down her ass for John to know she had a great one! 

He smiled and told her how nice she felt and he loved dancing with her so close to him! He poured it on. Telling her she was the best looking woman in the place and if he got to drunk would she take him home. He told her if she did, she could do with his body whatever she wanted! She told him: ’If he got drunk she wouldn’t dance with him any more.’ He promised not to have another drink all night!’ She laughed! They had been dancing continuously with each other now for over an hour. Mostly fast songs and dances were played, but at least he had one very slow dance with her! Fast was good too since he could watch her body move! Then h saw his banker buddy that he did business with tip the bandleader! And, all of a sudden another slow song started to play! His friend winked at him. John pulled Sooby back into his arms, and this time she put both arms around his neck as they rubbed against each other slowly dancing. His cock came alive! He was sure she could feel it pressing against her!

And that dress was thin and soft against his skin. Her nipples were hard again and pushed out against the material of the dress. With both her arms around his neck her cleavage was even deeper now and her breasts bulged over the top! Her tits looked fantastic. They moved very slowly together and she was learning his moves! He held her very, very close now. Neither one said a word for almost the entire song! As it started to end, Sooby pull away a little so she could look John in the face. She asked him: ’Did you mean it John?’ John looked at her not understanding what she was talking about. He had cleared most of the booze out of his brain by dancing so long! He was completely sober now as the song ended. But, another slow song started up (thank you Mr. Banker!). They stood on the dance floor holding each other and looking into each other’s faces. He said; ’Did I mean what Sooby?’ They started swaying again as he held her tight! She had her arms wrapped around his neck and grinned her body on him. 

He loved the feel on his cock as her hips moved against him and her knee was moving in and out between his knees! She just move against him for another few seconds before saying: ’Did you mean it when you said I looked good and that I was the best looking woman in this place? Did you mean it?’ John smiled and said: ’Hell yes I believe that! You are the best looking woman here baby! And, I wasn’t drunk and I wasn’t lying! You are the best looking woman in here and in fact you are the best woman I have ever danced with in my life!’ They both smiled as she pulled his face towards him and kissed him lightly! She smiled and said: ’Thank you John! I tried to look especially nice tonight! And, I was hoping to see you and hoped you would notice!’ He kissed her back harder and told her: ’You look good all the time Sooby! In fact you never look bad or even average! Honest woman, you always look good! Good enough to eat!’ She just looked at him as they pressed their bodies tighter against each other. She kissed him again and his cock was very hard now and he knew she could feel it pressing against her thigh as her legs came between his legs as they move around the dance floor! The next time her thigh went between his thighs he stopped dancing and just held her tight pressing his cock hard against her upper thigh!