The Shower

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The Shower

It had been an unusually trying day and I had a lot right up front on my mind when I decided to relax a bit and take a shower.

As I walked into the bathroom, I remember vaguely noting that someone else was also taking a shower, but since there were two shower stalls, I didn?t really pay any attention. I put my stuff down and removed my robe and laid it on the counter, sexxxx video ful hd grabbed a towel, /hung/">hung it up and all this time, thinking about a dozen things, none of which had anything to do with the occupied shower stall I began to step into.

As I unconsciously stepped into the stall, my foot just barely brushed against one of the legs of the current occupant, alerting me to the major personal and social insult I had just created. A personal insult of such magnitude to cause immediate and universal ostracization from the construction crew with whom I was temporarily living. I was truly shocked and literally jumped back to avoid further contact. I looked up to the man in the shower and quickly and very sincerely apologized for stepping into his shower, and I quickly turned to move on to the next stall, but was stopped by the totally unexpected look on his face and a really bizarre reaction considering the exact nature of my offense.

He just smiled and said, ?No problem, we all make a little mistake now and again.? A typical response would have been for the offended /party/">party to move back as far and as quickly as possible and cover up as much as possible and be outraged that I had invaded him in such a vulnerable situation. But no, Timothy looked back down at me in mild amusement and again told me not to worry, he knew it was only an innocent mistake and it would go no further. I?d been having a difficult enough time running the crew as it were and as ridiculous as it seems, he could have made enough trouble that I would literally have had to remove myself from the project, if he?d even mentioned it to anyone, more less made the big deal out of it at least a couple of the crew members certainly would have.

But as my fear began to subside, a secondary reaction prompted by earlier thoughts and even mild desires set in, but immediately realizing the absurdity of that line of thought, I again apologized, thanked him for his reaction and backed out and began to close the shower stall door. I thought I heard Timothy say something else, but it was very soft and I wasn?t sure I?d even heard anything. But I hesitated with the door and looked at him imploring him to repeat anything he might have said. And he again looked into my eyes and softly said, ?You?re more than welcome to stay if you?d like?. In the next millisecond, a hundred thoughts went through my mind; among them the realization that it was fairly late on a Friday evening and Timothy and I were the only ones in the bunkhouse and likely would be until much later, at least 3 to 4 hours as the remainder of the crew took advantage of Saturday off work to visit the bar next door. And many other thoughts that, prompted me to seemingly act without thinking by stepping back to the door into the shower area, closing it and throwing the lock. An action, ironically often taken by the more paranoid among the crew afraid one of the others might walk in on them while they?re in one of the two shower stalls.

I then turned around, stepped into the shower stall and had not the foggiest notion of what to do. I?d been with other men before and really enjoyed all we?d done with each other, but I?d never been in quite such a situation. Something so unexpected and totally even beyond spontaneous.

I?d just noticed and now took a bit more time to verify that a naked Timothy was indeed an attractive and rather stimulating sight. It was also obvious that Timothy had a much better idea of what came next as he put his hands on my shoulders and gently turned me around facing the wall of the shower under the water. He slowly began to rub my back and soon worked into a full massage using the soap and body gel to rub my back and relax my muscles and just generally help us both loosen up and allow comfort to seep in and become the order of the moment.

I made a very firm and unnecessary decision to allow this pleasure to continue and xxx sex video download free com to participate and reciprocate in any way I could. But for now, I was in Timothy?s hands and I encouraged him to continue and carry this where ever he wanted it to go as quickly or slowly as he wanted to take it. And of course, he did just that. I?d obviously given him a very strong indication that I was very interested in a sexual encounter, but I seemed to sense just a bit of hesitation or holding back, so just to make sure we were both on exactly the same track, as he continued to massage and rub and gently caress my back, I slowly moved my left arm down and reached back between us and gently cupped his dick and lightly squeezed and began to return his massage efforts.

My little gesture was handsomely rewarded by an almost total body spasm as he felt and reacted to my touch. He squeezed both of his hands on my shoulders and let out a moan that was clearly brought from pleasure.

And there was just a bit more urgency and strength to his massage. I gently continued caressing his dick as I was rewarded by his expected reaction as his dick began to grow and stiffen a bit and then a bit more. I leaned back into Timothy just a bit, trying for more contact, and just as I did, he began to move his massage around to my chest and continuing the slow firm touch, rubbing and gently kneading the muscles of my chest causing me to drift even further into a trance of pure pleasure.

This was an experience unlike anything I?d ever had before, with anyone, man or woman. I seemed to be totally entranced in the moment and the physical explorations and the incredible sensations from his hands and his boldness and desire to create such wonderful feelings. And my mind had moved into a place where only the immediate physical experience existed.

Timothy and I both sensed a growing intensity and felt the urgency begin to become a factor in our touch and feel. He moved his hands with more definite purpose around my chest and my belly, more caress, but also more firm pulling and pushing, more of a need for closeness and movement and action.

As his dick reached its full size and became even harder, I could feel the blood moving through and even warming my fingers. But even as I could feel such wonderful things happening behind me, I was all but swooning at the perfectly placed pressures and caresses and massage on my chest and stomach and finally a fine passing touch or two of my dick followed by direct and extremely pleasant massage and caress of my balls; only quickly, and then back up to my chest and stomach and even though Timothy had teased and moved quickly on, I was in utter /ecstasy/">ecstasy at his gentle yet firm ministrations. He was moving and kneading and massaging with such incredible skill that I quickly lost track of everything else as I softly massaged his dick and otherwise totally lost myself in Timothy?s attentions. My dick was as hard as I had ever experienced and it was screaming for attention, receiving only the collateral sensations of my otherwise sexual emersion.

I was literally entranced, being present only to the wonderful physical sensations.

Timothy moved back just a bit and returned most of his attention to my back and shoulder muscles which was no less /sensual/">sensual and compelling. He moved his hands down to my lower back and pushed and pulled and just softly caressed as he had done on my chest and stomach and I was quickly giving over to an almost euphoric state that allowed only just the feel of his hands and their movement over my body. He then began to separate his hands, one moving around and forward and the other moving down to my ass. The feel of his hand on my ass cheeks so soft yet firm and strong and almost demanding, caused my already hard, completely distended dick to jump as it was somehow harder and bigger while my body reveled in such a deep and sensuous experience. And as I began to think the cheeks of my butt were all he was interested in, his right hand boldly grabbed my dick as his left hand dipped down between my cheeks and found my asshole and continued the overpowering assault on my body. And when he did such, when he grabbed my dick and rimmed my asshole with his fingers I awoke from my revelry in a burst of desire and all-consuming need.

I arched my back and moved my ass to give him better and easier access and at the same time, with my right hand I reached around behind me and caught his dick with my left hand and I joined his right hand on my dick just to make sure that he didn?t let go and move on. I could not stand the thought of his hand leaving my dick and the sense of loss that would have followed. With my left hand on his dick I arched in an almost begging jester for more attention to my ass and for the ultimate consummation of the evening. I was far beyond ego and pride or any of the more socially accepted niceties of the human condition. And it was obvious that Timothy too was reaching a state of urgency and need because with his left hand he grabbed the bottle of bath gel and squirted a large portion on his dick. Dropping the bottle he gathered much of the gel from his dick and scooped it in between my legs and slathered it onto and in my asshole.

Just the feeling of his attention and his urgency caused my whole body to ache with the strong need of his dick in my ass. And it was not long but then an eternity for just as he finished lubricating my ass he put the head of his dick on my asshole and held it there and all movement stopped. He was not yet actually in my ass but just the hint of opening me up and he stopped. Completely, No movement. Nothing. And he very slowly leaned into the back of my neck with his mouth and kissed my neck and grabbed a mouthful of skin and muscle and lightly, at first, began to bite down and as his bite became firmer and the pain more intense he stopped and asked in barely a whisper, ?what do you want next my friend?. And again I arched my back pressing my ass onto his dick as much as I could and almost begged ?Oh god, Timothy, please fuck me?.

And once again, while pressing just a bit more with his dick, he bit my neck and the harder he bit the harder he pushed and it seemed like it took forever, but all of a sudden I realized I no longer felt his teeth on my neck but his dick was high into my ass and we were both motionless. He was firmly in my ass and he had both arms firmly around my chest, with one hand laid out flat on my belly and the other with my right nipple between his thumb and finger. But no movement, nothing but the un-fucking believable feeling of his dick filling me up and stretching my asshole more than ever before. I tried to turn my head, and reach back around to kiss him, but it was impossible to accomplish. And even in that movement, he hugged tighter beseeching me, forcing me to be totally still and feel and live this moment of ultimate togetherness and union. And after an hour of pure bliss, but what was probably only 2 or maybe 3 minutes, I could feel him begin to move just a bit, just the tiniest of pull in the opposite direction he?d just been.

Slowly, oh so very and wonderfully slow. He moved his dick out, but of course not completely. And equally as slowly, or even more so if possible he moved back in and as he was as far in me as he could possibly be he stopped again and squeezed and hugged even harder and I was lost in all that he?d brought into my life at that moment. I needed this so badly, I needed the complete and total acceptance and companionship that, even just for that moment we shared. I wanted this to last forever, but at the same time I wanted Timothy to fuck me as fast and as hard as he possibly could and I began to press back harder trying to encourage some movement and to convey my need for him to fuck me, oh gawd please fuck me

But he wasn?t ready for my satisfaction and he was only just beginning to build and deepen the intensity of this experience. He began to move, just a bit and with madding yet incredible strength and such a slow pace. He would pull almost completely out of me and just hold just on the verge of completely leaving my ass, but not quite, just enough feeling so that I held very still not wanting to lose his dick, not wanting him to fall completely out. And each time, with maybe just a bit shorter intervals, he would push his dick back in my ass and when he was at his hilt, he would stop and wait? Just wait for me to squirm or make a noise admitting of my desperate need.

But each time he pulled once again until he was almost out but not quite and each time he would slowly push back in, bringing our bodies as close together as it was possible to be and often, while he was completely in me he would squeeze his hugging arms and it only acted to heighten the feeling of acceptance and allowed me to give just that much more completely and totally of all I was to him and for him. I was becoming used to his slow and almost out and slow and tight and close, and on one of his retreats that left the head of his dick just barely in my ass, he stopped for even a bit longer time and after a second or two, I felt the cold drop of more lubricant on my ass as he poured more on his dick and I really wasn?t sure I understood, because is all felt so wonderful and complete, no pain or rough friction at all, but he poured on some more lube and again he waited.

And this time he waited until I could stand it no more and I pushed hard back into his dick and squirmed trying to force him again up inside me and I desperately said, ?Oh gawd, Timothy, please, fuck me, I just can?t stand it anymore.? And of course, he just barely began to move his dick into my ass as he asked, ?Are you really sure you want my dick up your ass that /bad/">bad, and are you sure you want me to fuck you that hard?? and in my need my overwhelming demand from my body, all I could do was, once again push back against his dick, and softly say ?yes, Timothy, yes, please fuck me?. And I had barely got the words from my mouth than he lurched and forced his dick as hard and as high in my body as he possibly could and I let out a mixture of a sigh and a scream at the sudden and total fullness and power he had given me.

And just as quickly he was gone again, pulling back almost as far as possible without completely leaving only this time there was no wait and he thrust his dick into my ass again as hard and as fast and as high as he possibly could and then he was almost out and again hard, fast, high, and over and over he pushed into me and pulled out only to jam his magnificent dick up into me and he went on and on and I was completely lost in the ecstasy as he punched hard into my prostate each time he pushed into me and each time he pulled out I was, even for that tiny portion of a second desperate to have him back in me so we were once again complete and together.

And as his pace picked up even more, he leaned into me with his chest tight against my back and grabbed me with both arms and again I felt we were almost melding into each other and he reached down and grabbed my dick and squeezed so hard I thought he would pull it completely off, but it felt so wonderful and almost as if that one act made us just that much closer together, and he continued to thrust and pull his dick in and out of my ass and squeeze my dick and he bent to my ear and huskily and breathlessly said ?help me with you? and he grabbed my hand and forced it onto my dick and together we began to pump my dick in exact rhythm with his push and pull.

And we were a perfect team, we squeezed and pulled on my dick as he pushed his /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard and high into my ass and we squeezed and pushed my dick as he pulled out and almost stopped but again pushed back into my enveloping body. I knew that, as much as I wanted this feeling of union and power and submission to last forever, the physical act that nurtured and brought it into existence could not possibly last much longer as I began to feel my dick begin to squirm and prepare for my climax. And as if he were reading my body and my mind he squeezed my dick so hard it was close to painful and he breathed, ? Please are you ready for my cum? and I just pushed my head and my ass both and again said ?oh gawd, yes, please fuck me?. And he did. He let go of my dick and pushed me forward so that he could grab my hips and he thrust and pushed and pulled and I continued to push and pull on my dick and we went on like this for who knows how long, each thrust into my ass bringing me higher and closer to squirting my cum and with each in and out, I knew that he was just another second or so from filling my ass with his cum and bringing us both to a point of release and power I?d never felt before.

And then he grabbed my hips so hard and pulled me to him with his dick higher in my body than ever before and as I continued pushing and pulling on my dick, he stopped stock still, all but his dick bouncing in my ass as his cum juice squirted and squirted and filled my ass completely and the second I felt his dick begin to spasm, I, at last burst forth with my climax and squirted my cum all over the wall of the shower only I was able to catch one big glob and as I raised my hand to my mouth, Timothy just said ?Please? and reached down and licked my cum from my hand. And we both just stopped and couldn?t move.

His dick still hard in my ass pulsed just a bit as that final spasm of orgasm completed our efforts for each other. And I slowly began to raise up, being careful not to move to fast and force his dick out of my ass, for gawd it still felt so good, as if it really belonged in me. As I was almost standing straight up he grabbed me and hugged me and squeezed and reached up with his mouth and just slightly but definitely bit my ear as he softly and breathlessly said ?Thank you for a wonderful shower?.