The Therapist

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Therapist

Angie went to her first therapy appointment not knowing what to expect. She was nervous about talking to a stranger about her problems, but she knew that she needed to get her life in order. She had had a terrible childhood, and it seemed that all of the decisions she made in her adult life reflected the mistakes she had made while growing up. It took her a long time to get to the point of realizing that her best option was to talk to a professional, and seek his advice.

She sat in the waiting area, wondering what her therapist would be like. She knew shed be seeing a man, because he had called her to schedule their appointment. He had told her then that his name was John. She was nervous with anticipation, because she was shy about meeting new people. Not stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv only was she going to meet someone new, but she was supposed to tell this person her lifes most intimate details. Could she do this? As she sat contemplating, John walked out to greet her and direct her back to his office. He was a small man, and looked serious. He was a bit older, but seemed pleasant enough. Angie was a big gal, so she felt like an amazon next to John. She was very self conscious and thought, oh no... how am I ever going to talk to this person?

The first session went fairly well. Angie felt a bit awkward, but John put her at ease quickly. She didnt have to worry too much about what to say, because he asked pretty direct questions, and it was easy to answer them. This isnt too /bad/">bad, she thought. Before she realized it the hour was up, and Angie almost felt /sad/">sad to see it end. This was actually kind of nice... being able to talk to someone about the things that had been bottled up inside of her for so many years. John made their next appointment for a week later. Angie felt happy that she would be coming back. This is nice, she thought.

As the months went on, Angie felt herself relaxing more and more with John. She looked forward to her weekly visits and found herself actually counting the days when she could see John again. Now that he had relaxed around her also, he was beginning to show sides of himself that Angie liked. He had a wonderful smile and sense of humor. They made jokes and comments, and laughed easily together. He would talk to her about things going on in his life also, and suddenly she felt like her therapist was more like a /friend/good-friend/">good friend. Before she could realize what was happening, Angie started feeling attracted to John. Uh oh, she thought, not again. She was easily attracted to men who showed her attention, and she was afraid that she was having these feelings for John because of this. She knew that he was just doing his job, and not necessarily attracted back. She didnt want to put him into an awkward position by projecting feelings that more than likely werent returned. She actually started doing research on therapists and patients, wondering if this attraction was a normal type of occurrence. She found that there was a name for this. It was called "transference". Angie didnt feel like this was the case with her though. She researched all of the aspects of transference, and her feelings didnt match anything she read about. Her feelings were totally different. She knew she needed to talk to John about this, but she was afraid if she did, he would refuse to see her anymore. So week after week, she went to see John, feeling helplessly attracted to him, but not daring to let on to that fact.

Angies feelings finally escalated white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie to the point where she felt she had to do something. She was at the point where, as much as she hated the thought, she may just have to stop therapy or find a new therapist. The thought made her heart ache, because she just couldnt imagine not ever seeing John again. Was she falling in love? She felt that John sensed something different. Whatever he sensed, he wasnt letting on either... probably for the best.

One day, John led Angie to his office and shut the door. This time she noticed that he locked it. She was a bit startled at this, but pretended she hadnt noticed. The session began normally, which by now had turned more away from the therapy aspect, and gotten closer to two old friends visiting and joking. As Angies mind started to wander, suddenly she realized that John had stopped speaking. She looked at him only to find him staring at her. This startled her a bit, and made her somewhat uncomfortable. Before she had time to think, John got out of his chair and came to her. He knelt down in front of her and took her hands in his. "Angie," he said, "I know I shouldnt be doing this, but I have to. Ive been attracted to you for months, and I just cant sit here pretending its not there anymore." Angie was at a loss for words. Her mouth had suddenly gone dry and her heart skipped a beat. All of the pent up feelings that she had been developing suddenly spilled forth. With tears in her eyes, she reached for John and carressed his face with her fingertips. "Oh John," she said. "I feel the same way too." He leaned forward and they kissed. What started as a /sweet/">sweet, /kissing/first-time-kissing/first-time-kiss/">first time kiss, quickly turned into passion. Suddenly Angie wanted John more than she had ever wanted any other man. He stood up and pulled her into his arms. She was shaking with desire, and so was he. She could feel him trembling in her arms.?

Their kisses turned more urgent, and Angie dropped to her knees in front of John. She reached for him and undid his pants. She pulled them down and released his now raging hardon. His cock stood straight out begging to be touched... carressed... licked... sucked. So thats exactly what Angie did. She grabbed his cock and started licking the head. It jumped in her hands and she gripped it more firmly. She sucked it into her mouth and started swirling her tongue around and around, reaching out with her other hand to carress his balls. John moaned. This was all Angie needed to urge her on. She reached around and cupped Johns ass in her hands and pulled him closer and further into her mouth. John grabbed the back of her head and pushed himself in meeting her movements with his own. Soon he was /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth. Angie could tell he was trying to stay as quiet as possible, but she saw he was having a hard time doing so. With a loud groan, Johns hips bucked and his ass tightened. Suddenly his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum was spurting into Angies mouth almost faster then she could take it in. Spurt after spurt, he fed her. Moaning her desire, she swallowed it all down.

John pulled her up to him and kissed her again. He still had a raging hardon and Angie knew that he wasnt satisfied yet. He turned and shoved his papers off of the desk and onto the floor. He pushed Angie back so that she was lying on top of his desk. He lifted her skirt and ripped her panties off. Instinctively she opened her legs to him. He reached down and parted the lips of her pussy and looked at it longingly. He carressed it with his fingers and then leaned down and started licking it. Angie squirmed and moaned. She reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips open wider, to give John better access. John took advantage of this and sunk his tongue into her hot throbbing hole. "Oh god John," she said, "please fuck me now. I cant wait!". John stood up and rammed his /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock into Angies throbbing pussy. "Aaaaaaaah", she moaned. It felt so good! Her hips bucked up to meet his every thrust, and suddenly her pussy clamped down and started spasming. It was all Angie could do to not scream out loud and bring everyone in the office running. She felt Johns cock spasm again and could feel his second hot load shooting into her. He pulled out and finished by shooting all over her pussy lips and stomach. Angie grabbed his cock and started milking the rest out. She rubbed her thumb over Johns cock head as the last few drops oozed out. She leaned foward and licked those last drops off of his cock. "Mmmmmmmm,"she moaned. "Mmmmmmmm back," he laughed as he gathered her into his arms.

Angie decided she was really going to like therapy from now on...